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MODEL 900/F37

Standard model for a small-footprint. Economical, lightweight, compact aluminum coin selector.

Features of 900/F37

The smallest model of the front selector, economical low-price model with standard performance. It is also ideal for a wide range of applications using a light weight, surface-treated hard aluminum on many parts.

Prevent similar coins using the basic mechanical coin selector which identifies coins by checking diameter, thickness, perforation, and material,


Coin Insertion Blocker: MODEL SB-101 (DC12V, DC24V)

Coin Return Cover

Cotton Checker

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Applicable Coin sizes ¥10, ¥100, 25Ȼ, or coins and medals with diameters: 17.9mm~27.0mm, Thickness: 1.0mm~2.0mm
Selection method Mechanical (rail) selection (diameter, thickness, perforations, slant, and materials)
Acceptance Speed 0.3 seconds
Validation method Microswitch
Weight approx. 180g