Apparatus production of the coin handling


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Unique motion rack is now available to dispense boxes with a half size of its plane area.

Features of CTR-650

It dispense each boxes consistently,, and is ideal for vending machines, etc.

The slant on the storage facilitates secure restocking of products. Also, the pusher blocks the slot after dispensing a product which prevents tampering such as any attempt to access products from the outside.


Media Case Dispenser Width: 54.0mm~57.0mm, Length: 54.0mm~57.0mm, Thickness: 21.0mm±3.0mm
Dispending speed Approx. 2 seconds per item
Diskette capacity Approx. 25 cases
Supply voltage DC24V±10%
Current consumption 0.1A (during stand-by), 1.5A (during operation)
Weight Approx. 3.9kg