Apparatus production of the coin handling


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Allow easy switching between two types of medal sizes. The large capacity enables high-speed payouts.

Features of PH-1800

High-speed payouts and switching between 25mm and 30mm medals without replacing a part. Easy attaching/detaching operation has increased maintainability.

The lightweight, low-cost hopper by using plastic into many parts. Full cover of the entire frame protects the payout mechanism from comprehensive fraud measures. The small-footprint hopper requires little installation space and is ideal for pinball machines.


Applicable Coin sizes Diameter: Ø25mm, Ø 30mm
Dispensing speed Approx. 13 coins per second
Coin capacity 25mm coins: Approx. 1,800 pcs, 30mm coins: Approx. 1,000 pcs
Counting methos Photo sensor
Motor voltage 24V DC
Weight Approx. 1.6kg