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Privacy policy

At Asahi Seiko, the personally identifiable information (hereinafter referred to as "personal information") received in the corporate activities that provide our products and services and the behavior of employees is based on the spirit of compliance with the Personal Information Protection Law. We will endeavor to properly manage and protect it, take safety measures, and regularly educate employees to make it known throughout the company.

  • 1.Purpose of use

    When acquiring personal information, Asahi Seiko will clarify the purpose and provide it within the required range. In addition, we will only use it within the scope of your understanding and will not use it for any other purpose.

  • 2.Release to a third party

    Customer's personal information shall not be disclosed or provided to a third party except in the following cases.

    • 1) With the consent of the customer
    • 2) When disclosure is required by law, etc.
    • 3) When outsourcing work is required to fulfill the purpose of use

    In addition, when outsourcing is proceeded, we shall conclude a prescribed contract with the outsourced company and oblige strict management of personal information.

  • 3.Safety management

    Regarding personal information received from customers, we will implement safety measures such as information security to prevent unauthorized access to personal information and leakage, destruction, falsification, loss of personal information, and personal information. We provide employee education and training related to.

  • 4.Compliance and improvement with law and regulation

    We will comply with laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information, guidelines set by the government, other guidelines, rules, etc., and review specific initiatives as necessary.

  • 5.Handling of personal information

    Regarding the handling of personal information, basically, the preceding paragraphs shall be applied, and the prescribed rules shall be established, and a management system such as the appointment of an information management manager shall be established to ensure the management and protection of personal information. In addition, we will continuously strive to improve these systems.

  • 6.Cookie

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  • 7.Disclosure / correction / deletion

    We have set up the following Customer desk for personal information, and will respond promptly in good faith to complaints such as disclosure, correction, deletion, suspension of use, consultation and other inquiries.
    Customer desk(at Headquarters General Affairs Dept.)
    TEL: +81-(0)3-3401-6187
    (Open hour: 9:00~12:00, 13:00~18:00 excluding Sat., Sun. and National holiday in Japan)