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Adjustment-free compact payout hopper can dispense coins within the applicable size range without adjustment.

Features of FV-525

Coin Payout Hopper can keep operation without adjustment if the changed coin sizes are within the applicable size range, which liberates you from cumbersome tasks. Dedicated hoppers and other parts for each coin size are not necessary and  very economical.

The proven payout mechanism securely dispenses every last coin. This low-cost compact hopper suites small space and various purposes.

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Applicable coin sizes Diameter: 21.0mm-26.0mm
Thickness: 1.55mm-2.3mm
Dispensing speed Approx. 500 per minute
*The dispensing speed may differ depending on the coins to be used.
Coin capacity 25Ȼ coins (24.3mm×1.6mm): Approx. 500 pcs
Counting method Photo sensor
Motor voltage 24V DC
Motor rating Endless
Motor break circuit board DCMB-0407
Weight Approx. 1.0kg