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The SH-350 has been developed from the successful SH-300, providing even more features and greater flexibility.
The SH-350 utilizes Asahi Seiko’s CCTalk interface as standard, for communication between the Host Control Unit and the hopper.


A self locking slide mount assembly is supplied as standard, to facilitate hopper  fitting and removal.

The Hopper Head capacity has been increased, with the option of adding extension heads to increase the capacity even further. (The Standard SH-300 Bowl is also available as an option).

A choice of coin discs, ensure that the hopper can give Customers total flexibility, whilst retaining high-speed payout and the legendary Asahi Seiko reliability.

A motor brake with automatic reversal under jam conditions, is standard on the SH-350.

A robust proximity sensor is fitted as standard for accurate and reliable coin counting.


Coin Size Range Diameter: *17.5mm - 26.7mm / Thickness: 1.3mm - 3.1mm
IMPORTANT A selection of coin discs ranging from 20mm to 27.5mm isnavailable. To ensure accurate and reliable dispensing, it is important to selectnthe correct disc size to suit the coin used.
*For coins less than 17.5mm diameter, please contact Asahi Seiko (Europe)nLtd Technical Support, as special parts are required.n
Hopper Head Capacity The following table gives examples of average capacities:
1c Euro 16.25 x 1.67 (mm):
Standard Bowl capacity:900 / Capacity of Bowl+1 Ext.:2100 / Ext head Capacity:1200
2c Euro 18.75 x 1.67 (mm):
Standard Bowl capacity:700 / Capacity of Bowl+1 Ext.:1620 / Ext head Capacity:920
5c Euro 21.25 x 1.67 (mm):
Standard Bowl capacity:520 / Capacity of Bowl+1 Ext.:1200 / Ext head Capacity:680
10c Euro 19.75 x 1.93 (mm):
Standard Bowl capacity:520 / Capacity of Bowl+1 Ext.:1200 / Ext head Capacity:680
20c Euro 22.25 x 2.14 (mm):
Standard Bowl capacity:380 / Capacity of Bowl+1 Ext.:900 / Ext head Capacity:520
50c Euro 24.25 x 2.38 (mm):
Standard Bowl capacity:300 / Capacity of Bowl+1 Ext.:700 / Ext head Capacity:400
1 Euro 23.25 x 2.33 (mm):
Standard Bowl capacity:330 / Capacity of Bowl+1 Ext.:770 / Ext head Capacity:400
2 Euro 25.75 x 2.20 (mm):
Standard Bowl capacity:270 / Capacity of Bowl+1 Ext.:650 / Ext head Capacity:380
Dispensing Speed The dispensing speed of the SH-350 is 400-600 coins per minute. Speed maynvary due to loading and the coin dimensions.
Installation Temperature range: -10°C to +50°C
Humidity: 15 - 85% RH (avoid condensation)
Location: Indoors within a cabinet
Temperature rise: 50ºC maximum
Orientation: Mount within 2º of upright
Weight Approximately 1Kg when empty.
Storage Conditions Storage temperature: -20ºC to +80ºC without condensation
Mechanical Life In reliability tests, the standard SH-400 hopper dispensed over 2,000,000 coinsnwithout mechanical failure.