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A multifunctional IC card dispenser-encoder developed for mounting the host machine.

Features of SCD-2500

This dispenser-encoder sells, writes, reads ISO-compliant IC cards (both contact and contactless), and can be easily installed in host machines including the systems using a wide variety of cards. Also, automatically capture and retain stolen/fraudulent or refunded cards accidentally left in the entry slot

A reversing roller attached type corresponding to a thin cards with thicknesses of 0.25mm is also available.


Host control interface serial (RS-232C)/parallel
Supply voltage options 24V DC±15% 12V DC±5%
Current consumption Stand-by: 100mA (average, 600mA max), Operational: 250mA (average) 2.0A (peak)
Applicable card size 54.0mm W x 85.7mm L x 0.5mm~1.0mm Thickness *Embossed cards cannot be used.
Contactless IC card interface serial (RS-232) or direct (antenna version)
Contactless IC card connector Landing Type. Suits cards having contacts in accordance with ISO 7816.
Applicable contactless IC cards For ACG Mifare/ Legic or antenna only versions of the SCD-2500, the following card type is suitable. ISO/IEC 14443 part 1-4, identification cards (contact-less IC cards - Proximity type)
Stored Card Capacity Up to 445 cards (0.8mm thick) *The stored card capacity is limited depending on the status of the card surface.
Types of cassettes For 24V DC / 230mm, 300mm, 445mm, For 12V DC / 230mm, 300mm (Below 0.76mm Thickness for 445mm, Below 0.3mm Thickness is only 230mm)
Weight Approx. 2.9kg (SCD-2500-230)