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Corporate Profile


Customers choose Asahi Seiko for its quality,
technology and reliability.

Since its foundation in 1969, Asahi Seiko has been devoting its efforts to improve manufacturing and development technology and expand its line of products. Our coin handling units are widely used in various vending machines, ATMs, Self-checkout terminals and amusement machines. We have achieved the largest market share in the industry, most notably with our delivery record to amusement machine manufacturers. Our factories in Saitama and Tochigi are equipped with cutting-edge engineering and processing machines and promptly deliver products with superior functionality, durability, and safety under stringent quality control.


Our pioneering manufacturing continues to create beneficial products.

As a leading coin mechanism manufacturer, Asahi Seiko views creating useful products for our customers as our principal mission, leading to our constant quest for innovation and improvement. To meet our customer expectations, we quickly adapt to changed conditions and satisfy the various needs of the industry.


Globally, Asahi Seiko nurtures and expands the coin mechanism field.

Asahi Seiko has been expanding its overseas operations and obtaining various industrial property rights all over the world based on its principal that we "cultivate our products according to the country cultures, instead of simply delivering existing products." As a result, the brand name "Asahi Seiko" has established an enviable worldwide reputation and our current market have expanded to approximately 60 countries and regions. We will continuously commit ourselves to develop our superior coin mechanism business centering on our overseas bases and alliances with global manufacturing companies.