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Corporate Profile

Challenge for the New Era

Ever since our founding in 1969, Asahi Seiko Co., Ltd has been striving to achieve our corporate philosophy of providing a productive, convenient life for our users all over the world through coin handling products that incorporate our solid technology and continuous efforts toward improvement. Furthermore, we aim to contribute positively to our customers and local communities, to promote environment-friendly behavior, and to work to become a company that is trusted and loved by our stakeholders.

In 2018, Asahi Seiko Co., Ltd. was re-launched, maintaining the corporate philosophy that built our foundation, passed on by our original founder Hiroshi Abe.
Up until this point, we have been leading the industry as a cash management and payment solutions specialist. However, we are currently witnessing a major change in payment methods, now not only done via cash and cards, but also via e-money and smartphones. No matter how payment methods may evolve, as an industry-leading company, we will always continue to develop high-quality products and systems that inspire our customers.
As a pioneer of this new era, we will continuously engage in an advanced research and development that will pre-emptively capture changing lifestyles and business practices. In addition, we are developing products for self-checkout registers and other products that not only take hygiene into consideration but also meet the demands of this new era, including full-automation, energy conservation and environmental preservation.
In terms of sales, we will further strive to garner our customers’ trust by fortifying the current services provided, entering into new ventures by proposing new businesses, and cultivating global markets that promise significant growth.

Asahi Seiko Co., Ltd. will continue pushing itself to provide a productive, convenient life to our users all over the world in this new era. And once again, we will continue to strive to become a company that is always trusted and loved by our stakeholders.

Kazuya (kaz) Abe
President and COO of Asahi Seiko Co., Ltd.